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Posted on November 19 2012 by

The time is now. I know so many of us are asking or have been asking the question... What is the point of all of this? Why do we go about our day doing the things that we do, and do them so mindlessly and yet, wake up, and do it over and over again. Why...

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Gratitude for being who "I" truly "AM"

Posted on October 5 2012 by

Who am I? Who are we...really? Almost 2 years ago something happened to me that instantly made me realize that the person that I thought I was, just doesn't exisit any longer. Well, that person exisits, just in a different way then before. I just became...

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Being Centred in Life, on and off the Aikido & Yoga mats

Posted on September 28 2012 by

What does it mean to be centered, in balance? How is it possible to remain in a harmonious state of mind and spirit even when surrounded by situations of duality and chaos? I have been struggling with this one until, a light just turned on for me yesterday....

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